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What is PVT?

Appraises a combination of clearly defined and monitored investment factors, to maximize returns and minimize risk:

Potentialthe investment dynamic that will create value for shareholders

Valuationthe gap between the stock market price and the medium term worth of the company

Timingoptimizes the entry and exit point of investments.

We marry quantitative and fundamental analysis in our approach. This is because we are practical investors who live and breathe the evaluation of company prospects but who also believe that there are repeatable investment cycles that can be systematically exploited.

We think independently, forming our own conclusions.

We are medium term investors. We believe that an appropriate time frame is critical to allow opportunities to develop into materially profitable investments.

Our Philosophy

Our PVT investment philosophies is designed to systematically unearth these investment anomalies, our investment process is engineered to ensure they are effectively verified and sensibly applied to client portfolios.