River and Mercantile Derivatives is a provider of structured equity and liability driven investment (“LDI”) to institutional investors. We offer a bespoke approach that is affordable and transparent.

River and Mercantile Derivatives is part of River and Mercantile Group PLC, which is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (Ticker: RIV).

News & Articles

Replicating Private Equity

Private Equity is illiquid and challenging to benchmark. Many investors use “S&P 500 +3%” in order to compare performance in the absence of an observable, investable asset. This paper describes a methodology for creating a private equity proxy or replication strategy using derivatives.

Equity Protection – is now the right time?

Recent bouts of volatility have made headlines and questions are being asked of one of the longest equity bull markets in history. However, strategies to protect against declines in the equity market have been steadily getting cheaper and are now at multi year lows…