River and Mercantile Derivatives is a provider of structured equity and liability driven investment (“LDI”) to institutional investors. We offer a bespoke approach that is affordable and transparent.

River and Mercantile Derivatives is part of River and Mercantile Group PLC, which is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (Ticker: RIV).

News & Articles

Managing Equity Risk in 2018

As the bull market in US equities approaches its 9 year anniversary we look at how to protect against market declines while retaining equity upside exposure.

Synthetic Equity and Pension Plan De-Risking

Pension plans typically de-risk by buying liability matching bonds and selling equities. Although this is a perfectly valid approach, it results in a direct tradeoff between the desire to reduce funded status volatility versus maintaining higher expected returns. Derivatives, however, provide plan fiduciaries with additional flexibility versus simply allocating between these two asset types. A derivative strategy we call ‘Synthetic Equity’ can be used by pension plans to maintain expected returns and retain equity exposure, yet still reduce funding level volatility.

Where to From Here? Long-Term Interest Rates Under a New Political Regime

One of the biggest stories since the November 8 election is the increase in US interest rates for bonds with maturities of 10 years or more. Investors, especially those with long-term liabilities such as pension plan sponsors, are rightly very interested in where these interest rates are likely to head from here…