River and Mercantile Solutions is a leading institutional investment and actuarial advisor and fiduciary manager. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the understanding and tools to successfully meet the investment goals of their institution. River and Mercantile Solutions is a division of River and Mercantile Group PLC, which is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (Ticker: RIV).

Actuarial Solutions

Pension Risk Transfer

Strategically transferring risk from a pension plan can help save plan sponsors significant administrative costs. Our robust process has helped numerous companies analyze and implement a strategy that makes sense for them. As a co-fiduciary and consultant, our annuity placement services are unparalleled in the marketplace.

Actuarial Consulting

Our services are more than just numbers and contribution schedules. We take the time to help plan sponsors define successful outcomes for their pension plans and craft the game plan for achieving them. We provide comprehensive valuation, regulatory, and compliance services.

Plan Termination Services

Plan termination is the culmination of the life of a pension plan with the ultimate event of paying out benefits to your participants. Before you can get to that final payout, however, there are three key stages plan sponsors go through; preparation, implementation, and distribution.

Investment Solutions


Equity volatility in pension plans can be detrimental to a plan sponsor. Through River & Mercantile Derivatives, companies can effectively manage their equity risk in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

Fiduciary Management

Delegated fiduciary responsibility for managing investment decisions and implementation allows investors to focus on strategic decisions and leave the day-to-day tactical decisions to us.

Defined Contribution Solutions

Effectively monitoring funds, fees, and service providers increases the likelihood that participants have a positive experience saving for retirement. Ensuring good governance also protects plan fiduciaries and helps everyone to sleep well at night.

Investment Solutions

Specialist advice coupled with investment services, River and Mercantile Solutions provides institutional investors a premium investment and governance solution. We work with investors to develop robust investment risk strategies taking into account assets and liabilities


New Mortality Tables Released – What it Means for Plan Sponsors

New Mortality Tables Released – What it Means for Plan Sponsors

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) published new mortality base tables and a new mortality improvement scale in late October. These new releases are likely to result in relatively small changes to plan sponsor income statements and balance sheets, and will most likely start to impact minimum contribution requirements in 2021; in most cases, these small changes will be favorable to plan sponsors.

Retirement Update – November 2019

Retirement Update – November 2019

Despite the Fed lowering rates in October, long-term corporate bond yields stayed relatively flat for the month. At the same time because of a relative calm on the geopolitical front, equity returns posted a decent month led by international and emerging market stocks. When taken together, most plans that have some return seeking assets in their portfolio would have seen funded status increases over the month.

Improving Expected Returns: Corporate Defined Benefit Plans

Improving Expected Returns: Corporate Defined Benefit Plans

Many corporate defined benefit pension plans utilize interest rate derivatives and/or Treasury STRIPS to manage interest rate risk. They also typically have large allocations to active fixed income managers as part of their liability-matching bond portfolios. Conversely, many plans invest in passive equity strategies as they do not believe that alpha can be reliably obtained by long-only equity managers.