From a variety of backgrounds, our team members include actuaries, investment consultants, fund managers and investment bankers. This blend enables the team to see issues from the viewpoint of investors and the markets.

River and Mercantile Solutions (formerly P-Solve) began as a consultant, and it remains a consultant. We won’t try to sell you products. Our purpose is to help your organization reach its financial goals.

At the same time, we are a team that generates a steady stream of new ideas, holds its views with a high degree of conviction and enjoys putting forward its opinions. When acting as a fiduciary asset manager, we are happy to take direct responsibility for investment decisions.

Performance matters. We believe that asset allocation is crucial to achieving long-term investment objectives. We can either provide our clients with recommendations, which we will do at a pace that suits them, or act as a fiduciary manager, where we implement our recommendations.

Likewise, understanding the regulatory environment and issues like plan design are critical to managing liabilities. Managing risks between asset and liability performance is the crucial skill of a fiduciary manager.

River and Mercantile Solutions was founded in 2001 as P-Solve and is the institutional investment and actuarial consulting division of the River and Mercantile Group. Our business serves pension plans, insurance entities and other institutional investors in the US and UK.


Our Principles

The pledge we make to our clients, professional partners and everyone with whom we work can be summarized in one sentence:

We will always be guided by – and held to account on – the key principles of absolute integrity, genuine authenticity, demonstrable respect and active citizenship.


Is critical to everything we do. Any perception of us operating without this quality will destroy our business. Clients need to trust the professionals on which they rely.


We believe, is recognized, rather than claimed and our belief that we offer this comes from the fact that it is mirrored back to us in our many conversations. We are candid and straight-talking and we know this because our clients, colleagues and competitors tell us so.


Informs all our behaviors – especially in difficult and challenging situations, where we need to discover the right solution.  Our people know to frame their views in a way that shows respect for the individual concerned and the context of the discussion.


Is a broad but not necessarily woolly term. We believe it is a visible principle to support the best of what we do inside our company but also supports our desire to make a difference and create genuine benefit for others in our wider, commercial dealings.

Our Values

These properties underpin how we apply ourselves in service of the principles which guide us.


We expect people to be open – not hiding information, or their views. We expect people to be straight-talking, particularly the leaders who drive and develop our business and bring our people along with them. Importantly, we believe in a constructive working environment.


We expect people to be passionate in a table-thumping way about client success. The alternative is clear if we don’t – we won’t keep them and our competitiveness will drain away. The acid test for being passionate is whether or not our clients feel it, too. Our creativity and the strength of our relationships tells us they do.


We should be stretching ourselves – and each other – to be the best we can be. The starting point is to challenge, develop and achieve excellence in all we do. We set high standards and are intolerant of mediocrity. To this end, we are restless in creating the conditions in which we and our clients thrive.


Creativity is critical to our value proposition. We need to keep re-inventing ourselves to achieve our growth objective and to avoid uniformity. We seek to reward people who are creative, who involve others, who encourage higher quality input and are comfortable in challenging the status quo as well as new ideas.

We understand that if the business is to reach out to more great people, they won’t always be told what to do but will be intellectually receptive to being persuaded by superior argument. For us, it’s the quality of the debating stance taken, not the title of the person making it.


While this is important, it means more to us. It is critical that, in our day-to-day dealings, both we and our clients benefit. To this end, we should not take risks in relationships where only one side is rewarded and we will be forthright in guarding against this eventuality.

In day-to-day terms, it’s also how we organize our time, prioritize our work and assess new projects and development. The value of being commercial equates to creating value for all. It’s about balancing risk and cost against the potential of reward.