Defined Benefit Plans

We have built a staff of professionals with diverse backgrounds in the retirement industry so we can help with all aspects of retirement plan consulting. Our strengths and capabilities stretch beyond the normal actuarial responsibilities listed below and include retiree medical plan valuations, ad hoc compliance testing, plan design studies, annuity purchase services for frozen plans, and plan terminations.

Routine and recurring actuarial services…

  • Actuarial valuation
  • AFTAP certification
  • Data reconciliation
  • Auditor’s requests
  • Financial reporting
  • PBGC filing
  • Preparation of 5500
  • Annual participant benefit statements
  • Benefit calculations & benefit election forms
  • Annual funding notice to participants

… within an enterprise risk framework

Our philosophy can be summarized in the following sentence – we focus on helping our clients manage their pension plans within an enterprise risk framework. Specifically, a pension plan is a collateralized debt obligation of the company and needs to be managed as such. The CFO needs to understand all strategies available and the pros and cons of each – if shareholder wealth is increased or decreased by a certain action, the impact on earnings per share, should you borrow to fund the plan, etc. While clients must follow the rules of ERISA and FASB, we work diligently to maximize both funding and expense results to achieve client-specific objectives, the ultimate goal is to deliver a successful outcome for shareholders and participants.