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Insurance Investment Consulting

Insurance companies have focused on risk management and the management of assets versus liabilities for as long as they have been in existence. This risk-focused mindset fits very well with River and Mercantile Solutions’, making us a natural advisor to insurance companies. We advise on over $20bn in insurance company assets.

We work with insurers to develop robust investment risk management strategies and governance procedures. We believe these frameworks can be easily monitored and acted upon quickly, as opposed to those that may be more precise, but which are difficult to manage in real time. Investment decision-making should be approached in the same way: maintaining sufficient liquidity and price transparency for leveraged institutions like insurers is critical and should not be given up lightly.

We provide both discretionary and advice-only investment services to insurers. Our discretionary asset allocation services are generally focused on the higher risk assets (such as equities and high yield bonds) in the portfolio and we typically work alongside one or more core fixed-income managers who handle the management of the lower-risk assets.