River and Mercantile Solutions was formed as the institutional investment advisory division of the Punter Southall Group (PSG), a UK-based actuarial consulting firm, in 2001. Also in 2001, PSG made its first overseas investment, buying an investment and an actuarial consulting firm in the US. In the UK, River and Mercantile Solutions grew rapidly due to our focus on providing actionable advice and because of our focus on explicitly managing assets to liabilities. We were the first investment consultant to provide our clients with the ability to efficiently use modern hedging tools and were the first in the UK to offer fully delegated investment services, now known as fiduciary management (OCIO). Each of these steps was taken to address the needs of clients and we continue to build our business to meet such needs as they arise.

In 2009, River and Mercantile Solutions took control of PSG’s US business. The US business was re-launched as a provider of fully integrated investment and actuarial advice to retirement plan sponsors and insurance companies. In 2011, River and Mercantile Solutions purchased Meridian, a UK-based advisor to insurance companies. In 2012, River and Mercantile Solutions merged its US business with Cassidy Retirement Group, an actuarial and investment advisor to retirement plan sponsors. In 2014, River and Mercantile Solutions merged with River and Mercantile Asset Management LLP to form River and Mercantile Group PLC and completed a successful listing on the London Stock Exchange.

In an effort to align all River and Mercantile Group business units, P-Solve was rebranded to River and Mercantile Solutions in 2018.

River and Mercantile Solutions remains committed to providing the high level of service, innovative investment thinking and focus on risk management that has propelled our growth to-date.